SFU Hockey

Information About Recruiting

The Simon Fraser University Men’s Hockey program actively recruits experienced junior hockey players to compete in future seasons. Scholarships to attend SFU are available through the team, however earning a scholarship requires meeting a number of criteria based on academic and on-ice performance. Before you are considered for a scholarship, you must go through the recruiting process by filling out the Recruit Questionnaire below.If you’re interested in SFU as a post-secondary option and want to continue playing at a high-level, we’d like to hear from you. To learn more about the team, browse the information below. If you have any additional questions about our team, you can contact our Head Coach Mark Coletta at coletta@sfuhockey.com.If you have any questions about SFU or the application process, please contact our Director of Hockey Operations at hockey@sfu.ca

We invite you to submit the Recruit Questionnaire, which will give our staff an introduction to you as a player. Each student athlete who completes the questionnaire will receive further communication from the team to discuss their future as a potential SFU player.



SFU now holds periodic Identification Camps, offering a chance to skate with SFU Coaching Staff in a game-like scenario and learn about the team. To be notified of future camps, please fill out the Interest Form by clicking here.

Q: Do I have to try out for the team?

A: No. As a recruited player, you would not be expected to participate in tryouts prior to the beginning of the season.

Q: Does Simon Fraser University offer hockey scholarships?

A: Yes, the team does offer hockey-specific scholarships to select student-athletes. These commitments are made on a player-by-player basis, taking into account factors such as playing ability and financial need.

Q: What are the advantages of studying at SFU?

A: Reputation and cost. Simon Fraser is known as one of North America’s top post-secondary institutions and an SFU degree has tremendous value in your future career. Also, the cost of tuition for B.C. residents is very reasonable — particularly in contrast to U.S. colleges, even when financial aid is offered.

Q: What calibre of players are on the team?

A: If you’re an impact player on a junior team, you should fit right in.

Q: How often does the team practice? When are practices scheduled for?

A: The team practices four times weekly in addition to mandatory dryland and gym sessions. Since team practices will take place in the afternoon, players will be notified of the schedule in advance of course registration.

Q: Can the Hockey Team help me get accepted into SFU?

A: Ultimately, you need to meet the university’s minimum entrance requirements in order to be accepted. We can assist you by reviewing your high school or college trascripts and letting you know in advance whether you’re likely to be accepted. If you’re not, we can help put together a plan so that you can enrol in the future.

Q: I’m interested in learning more or applying. What should I do now?

A: There are three steps to take: 1) Fill out the Recruit Questionnaire that can be found on the Recruiting Info page; 2) Email us a scanned copy of your high school transcript, as well as records of any college courses you may have taken; 3) We’ll be in touch to discuss your situation further. At this point, you may be ready to apply for admission.

Q: How can I contact the team?

A: Emails are checked and answered frequently — contact our Head Coach Mark Coletta at coletta@sfuhockey.com or our Director of Hockey Operations at hockey@sfu.ca